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St. John's College of Arts and Science is a dream come true for the disadvantaged people along the coastline of Kanyakumari District. Rev. Frs. V. John Bosco and Albin Roby, the founders of this college, have been the trustees of the JVDC Trust (Jan Vriend Development Centre Trust) for the past 12 years to promote higher education among the less fortunate young students of the coastal belt sponsored by Rev. Fr. Jan Vriend from the Netherlands. Fr. Vriend has an ecclesiastical and ecumenical philanthropy to help the poor and downtrodden.

The founders and the patron, Rev. Fr. Jan Vriend, firmly believed that education was the only means of liberating the rural and poor youth socially and economically. By providing them easy access to higher education, they could be put on the path of development and social emancipation, they felt. So, with a missionary zeal, all of them fully committed themselves to the service of providing the best education for children of less fortunate families and founded the college based on Christian values of faith, hope and love.

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St. John’s College Crest incorporates symbols that represent the purpose, foundation and beliefs of the institution. The Eagle is the symbol of St. John, the Evangelist, and the patron saint of our College. From first to last his Gospel soars on eagle’s wings to the very throne of heaven. It is also an unambiguous and universal symbol of power, speed and perception. Thus it signifies the Zenith of learning. So the students who enter the portals of this College are expected to imbibe the values of St. John’s to fly high forever and to seek knowledge relentlessly with an eagle’s eye.The Satellite on the globe conveys that the accumulated knowledge should make them strive for excellence and succeed in life with wisdom to create a technological revolution. The Hands that bear the globe represent the students who should be fully committed to serve society to have a complete economic liberation and reclaim humanity with its glory.

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The College has centrally air conditioned Labs and classrooms with Wi-Fi enabled LCD projectors, tutorial rooms, library, a state-of-the-art seminar room and a fully equipped auditorium with seating capacity of over 550 persons. The College takes pride in being a differently-abled friendly campus with new ramps and special washrooms added to the building. Also, the College has various facilities to address the reading, hearing and understanding requirements of various students

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St Johns College operates buses for the convenience of students and staff coming from in and around of Kanniyakumari District and its neighborhood areas. Every student is expected to avail the transport facility to enable him/her to be punctual to come to the college. Besides the regular scheduled trips, the facility is extended for occasions like after the college hour Special Coaching classes, Placements and Training, Visit to Local Industries and recruitments, hospitals, NSS Camps, etc.

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