Rev. Fr. Dr. V. John Bosco & Rev. Fr. A. Albin Roby

Message from The Founders

"The end depends on the beginning" wrote the Roman poet Manlius. Success in life hinges on how well we are reared--and what we learn in schools and colleges. You have stepped into St. John's College of Arts and Science with great HOPE. But the realization of that hope and dream depend on hard work and taking personal responsibility. Every single one of you has something that you're good at. Every one of you has something to offer. And it is your own responsibility to discover what that is. St. John's College provides exactly that opportunity through education to discover yourself and lead you to what you want to be.

Dear Students,

The circumstances of your life - where you come from, what you have, what you look like, how much money your parents have, what you've got going on at home - is no excuse for neglecting your responsibility and hard work. Where and what you are right now should not determine what you should become. No one has written your destiny for you, because you write your own destiny. You make your own future. I would like to quote what Winston Churchill said: "Destiny is a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.",

Learning at St. John’s is a cooperative endeavor. From the moment you set your foot on this campus as a new student until you graduate, you will be surrounded by people, dedicated to making your time at St. John's, both rewarding and enjoyable. Our excellent faculty will prepare you to outshine in every field.

My belief, as that of John Dewey, the US educationist, is that “the self is not something readymade but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” I am sure this institute of higher education will help you and the hundreds and thousands of students in future obtain the quality of life we long for.

Congratulations on choosing to pursue your education at St. John’s College. We are very glad you are joining us. St. John's will do the best to bring out the best of you.
God bless you!
Rev. Fr. Dr. John Bosco & Rev. Fr. A. Albin Roby